Optimation at Panndagarna in Borås 9-10th of April

Optimation participates at Panndagarna in Borås 9-10th of April. Meet us in our booth there. Welcome!


Optimation at "Automationsdagarna" 6-7 February in Stockholm

Optimation participates as organizer, speaker and exhibitor at "Automationsdagarna" in Stockholm 6-7 February. We are looking forward to many interesting and exiting lectures and hope that so many as possible take the chance to participate these days. You find the programme in this link: Welcome!


Optimation exhibits at "Värme- och kraftkonferensen" in Stockholm 6th of November

Come and visit us in our stand at "Värme- och kraftkonferensen" 6th of November at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center. There we will present latest news from Optimation..


Olle Nilsson new Sales and Marketing manager

The Optimation Group expands and has from 1th of April hired Olle Nilsson as new Sales and Marketing manager. Olle has a Master of Science in Mechanical engineering and has 18 years of experience from the industry.


COCOP – Coordinating Optimisation of Complex Industrial Processes

Optimation has been successfully participaiting in the EU project COCOP since 2016. The process industry needs to increase quality, reduce costs and environmental impact as the demants increase from outside world.Complex industrial processes that have both continuous and batch processes requires to a greater extent control and follow-up from an "entire plant perspective".

COCOP is an EU project where the vision is that complex industrial processes are managed optimally by operators with guidance of the COCOP system (decision support). Decision supportmonitors the entire plant in real time and attempts to control the process, from an overall perspective, efficient with regard to economy and climate. COCOP will also show the benefit of understanding the entire plant in order to make the operators make better decisions within their own work area.

The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the European process industry by controlling and monitoring the entire facility using model-based predictive optimization with a solution that can be integrated into existing control systems. In this overall control, real-time key figures will be developed wich, if possible ,will be directly feed back via the control system.

The project will demonstrate the benefits in two pilot projects within the steel and copper industries, as well as demonstrating the transferability to other sectors such as chemical and water facilities.


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