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Hylte paper mill wanted the pumping of feed water to work automatically. Operators would thus be free to work on other issues that required more...

Latest News


Optimation at Automationsdagarna 5-6 of February

5-6 of February Optimation is participating at Automationsdagarna in Gothenburg. We will have our own booth and be active in many ways during these days. We hope to see you there!

Optimation at Värme- och kraftkonferensen in Stockholm 12 November

Optimation will participate att Värme- och kraftkonferensen in Stockholm at 12th of November. Come and meet us there! We will then give you latest news and inform you how we can help you to solve your challanges in your production. See you!

Optimation at Kraftvärmedagarna in Stockholm

Optimation participates and exhibits at the CHP Days in Hasseludden, Stockholm, October 24-25. We look forward to many interesting and exciting lectures and hope that as many as possible take the opportunity to attend these days. You will find us in our booth in the exhibition hall. There we will tell you more about us and how we can help the CHP industry to streamline its operations without any major investments. Welcome!

Optimation continues to grow

Optimation has hired Lars Leopold Weingarten. He starts October 23 and will be stationed in Luleå. Lars Leopold has a Master of Science in Energy Systems in Uppsala and has during the last years been a special guide to tourists in Stockholm. Now he wants to go back to technology and has started to study control technology at Luleå University of Technology, which he will continue with at half-time, parallel to our job with us, until January. We wish him the best of luck!