Simulation libraries

Simulation libraries

Visa2 is a suite of object-oriented class-model libraries developed by Optimation for effective modelling of simulators for the process industry. The library has been developed in close collaboration with industrial partners and is updated continuously. Visa2 is used in Optimation’s own deliveries and in our collaborative partners’ industrial projects, which ensures high quality.

Complete plants or specific production sections are easily built by combining existing models, i.e., drag and drop modelling. For more complex and specific problems, you have the freedom to create your own models, both by adding functionality to existing models and constructing completely new models.

Implementation is done using Modelica®, which is an equation-based multi-domain language. We have chosen Modelica as a basis for our process simulators, since it is an open standard that offers several suppliers of platforms to choose from. Optimation collaborates closely with Dassault Systemes and uses Dymola, a commercial modelling and simulation environment.

Simulators can be distributed as a cloud service, whereby demonstration and training are made possible via a web interface (

Another application is to connect stimulations directly to a control system and thereby create an environment in which functional testing of control system code and operator training can be done in the same environment as the real-life plant.

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