GRO - Tuning course

GRO - Tuning course

The GRO tuning course provides participants with tools to effectively carry out tuning of control circuits in a structured and efficient way. This increase the performance of your facility and saves money and release potential.


With properly tuned controllers, conditions subsists for running your facility closer to maximum capacity without compromising on availability. Well-functioning controllers is also a prerequisite for reducing quality variations and for succeeding with overlying control strategies.


The GRO course teaches the lambda method (outlined in the Swedish standard SSG-5253) which is easy to learn, very robust and applicable to most controllers in the industry. Course participants learn to tune and validate self-regulating and integrating processes. The course consists of both theory and practice. The focus is on practical guidance, where the participants, together with our experts, learn to tune your facility. Benefit is obtained directly from the first practical course opportunity as tuning takes place in your facility. All tuning parameters are stored in Optimation’s tool for tuning and maintenance, DUR, which makes quality control easy.


Optimation conducts several GRO courses annually and we have a habit of adapting the education package to suit your organization. Below are the various packages we offer:

In its standard version, GRO includes 16 hours of theory and 32 hours of practical guidance.
GRO intensive, a compact version given during a coherent period (16 hours of theory and 16 hours mentoring)
GRO virtual, with theory and exercises online and practical guidance on site


GRO teaches your organization a circular way of working and gives you the depth to turn your problems into solutions. We work close to our customers and after completing the course you can rely on Optimation to continued support and help. During our tutelage program, your organization receives support and room to grow in confidence, tuning increasing complex circuits!

A small selection of customers who have chosen GRO:

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