Minerals & Metals

Via simulation and statistically grounded operational analyses we can help our customers to optimize operations, identify production errors, design control systems, train personnel and improve profitability without disrupting production.

Minerals & Metals

Together with our customers, we can apply our joint process know-how and combine it with our own expertise in control engineering design and optimization.

By creating simulators from physical models we are able to study complex progressions, identify production errors in process components or design control systems without disrupting ongoing production. The possibility to connect the control system to a virtual factory also presents great advantages, for example, when testing code or training operators. By utilizing simulation technology, for example, we can speed up commissioning and extensive retooling and other measures with high precision, since we already have the answers beforehand. In many cases, this has resulted in increased profitability amounting to tens of millions of euros per year.

We also use statistically based operational analyses. For this, we use statistics from a possible or existing plant, while taking into consideration maintenance requirements and planned downtime, etc.These analyses are conducted with the aid of simulation to effectively identify areas in which the customer has the greatest potential to increase profitability.

We also participate in leading research projects together with program developers and customers where, among other things, we study granular material flows in detail.


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