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For more than 20 years, Optimation has provided the industry with solutions to improve and change production.

The company was started over twenty years ago and the goal was even then to deliver solutions that make our customers’ production more efficient. We have traditionally been strong in control technology and have gradually expanded our toolbox with above all different forms of simulation.

Our goal is that our customers want to hire us because we are the best, not because they have to. This means, among other things, that we use the tool that is best suited for the purpose. We attach great importance to the customer not being locked into our tools and are happy to build on the existing solutions that the customer already has.

As a consultant at Optimation, you are part of projects that contribute to change, efficiency and sustainability in the process industry.

How we run projects

We believe in ensuring a painless delivery as far as possible, for example by working around a model before reality is put to the test. By placing a strong focus on the preparatory work, we can ensure that the solution works from day one. We simply care about our customers’ production and know that we sleep better when our delivery performs above expectations immediately.

Our projects are mostly carried out by work from our own offices in smaller project groups. In this way, each project can have access to the combined skills of our employees. Of course, in many projects we need to travel to the customer and we are happy to do so when the need arises.

We are our employees.

To improve team spirit, train and spread knowledge, we have at least two meetings per year for the entire company. In addition to that, there is the possibility for personal training and we hold internal workshops when there is a need. In order to be able to deliver solutions of the highest quality, we know that a balance between responsibility, free time and family is needed. We therefore set aside time for training and our employees have the opportunity to arrange both working hours and where the work is carried out flexibly.

Together, you and your manager draw up an individual development plan. This and other issues are discussed in regular personal conversations with your manager.

A proof that we are doing something right is that we can boast an average employment period of just over ten years.

Commitment and innovation

We know that it is always best when we do what we are passionate about and get to participate in the entire stage from idea to production. With us, as an employee, you have the opportunity to influence which projects you take on. You get support from other consultants to be able to carry out the project in a good way.

In order to take advantage of all the ideas that exist, you as an employee also have the prerequisites to find business opportunities yourself, create new solutions and improve existing solutions.

Do you want to work with us?

In that case, contact our CEO, Björn Söderlund.

Björn Söderlund

CEO Optimation AB

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