Advanced process control - Create optimal value with the equipment you have

Control technology is decisive for process performance. Optimation has specialized for many years in the design of optimized control systems for industrial process applications that realize the full potential of equipment. Our solutions improve, and in many cases replace, equipment suppliers' systems.

Ready-made concepts

Optimation has ready-made concepts for many common processes in the energy, minerals, metals, and pulp and paper sectors. For special processes for which there are no ready-made concepts, we pride ourselves in our ability to design custom solutions.

Common to all of Optimation’s solutions is that they are easy to understand, operate and maintain, and are normally implemented in the customer’s own control system. Although we apply advanced theories when we design our solutions, the results must always work in practice and be as simple as possible without jeopardizing performance and function.


Initial analysis

Even though we offer ready-made concepts, we always begin every project with an analysis to study the specific conditions that apply in the plant in question. Based on the analysis, we produce a basis for decision-making, from which we create a plan for optimizing your plant in the best way. It may be a ready-made concept, or perhaps it’s a custom solution, and a combination of the two is not uncommon.

Our solutions span everything from a single control loop to comprehensive optimization of an entire plant. A chain is never stronger than its weakest link, and our strength is creating strong production chains in the process industry.


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Advanced process control

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Advanced process control

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Advanced process control

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