About us - We know the art of translating advanced theories into practical systems

Optimation is Sweden's leading expert in production optimisation in the process industry.

About us

Optimation is Sweden’s leading expert in production optimization in the process industry. A cutting-edge engineering consultancy with a focus on the process industry’s need for advanced services and solutions in automatic control and simulation. We know the art of translating advanced theories into practical systems.

Optimation is a portmanteau name, a combination of the two words optimization and automation, which is a good description of our expertise, our business and our customer offer.

Optimation was established in 2002 after a decision to close the department in which the founders worked in order to focus more on traditional IT. As founders of the company, we saw great potential in working closer to industry and great potential in the expertise that had accumulated within the department over the years. We therefore decided to continue working under our own management and to form the kind of company that we very much wanted to work for. Since then, nearly 20 years have passed, but the fantastic journey continues.

A combination of many years of experience in industrial applications and collective specialist know-how in advanced measurement technology and control engineering, simulation, process-industry IT and training gives us unique expertise and a unique position in the market.

Our aim is to work close to our customers and with an expressed ambition to exceed the expectations that are placed on the work we do in the projects we work with.

The secret is to combine process know-how, control and simulation in such a way that a valuable platform for optimization of manufacturing processes is created.

Because our solutions are always focussed on the gains that can be made by optimizing process control, we can deliver results that give you:

  • Energy savings
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved quality
  • Increased availability
  • Increased production
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Improved profitability

Vision and mission


To make all production systems efficient and sustainable by unleashing their potential.


Through our experience and expertise in the process industry, we help our customers increase their profits.


Our values are

  • Honesty
  • A long-term approach
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Humanity
  • Challenging