Control Optimization

How do you effectively start the quality assurance of control performance?
What organisation and which methods, procedures, tools, etc are required?
How do you create sustainability?

Optimation has the answer:



To satisfy the need for optimization methods and optimization groups, we have successfully incorporated the SttP training into the Optimation concept. The training is carried out by mentors from Optimation and is mainly focused on practical work. Theory has been kept to a minimum.

The amount of theory presented prior to the first practical assignment, is exactly the quantity required in order to be able to start trimming the PI-controllers in “basic” loops. The result is that the time from the first theory class to actually starting to earn money through reduced control deficiency costs is extremely short, i.e. Straight to the Point, SttP.


DUR is a software, which makes both the maintenance and optimization of the systems that control industrial production plants more efficient through the support of a methodical working method.