Machine Vision - Advanced measurements in demanding environments

We extract your valuable process data in demanding environments in a consistent way and without disruption.

Machine Vision

Our vision products and custom-made solutions always puts your need of comparable data over time in focus. Unsensitive to disturbances but sensitive to valuable information.

A common challenge within process industry is to collect reliable data in harsh environments and without disturbing the production line itself. Data must be collected in the same consistent way today as it was yesterday, or a month ago, to be able to take correct actions using an automatic control system or manual adjustments.

Our intelligent vision-based measurement systems are developed for the process and manufacturing industries where the degree of automation, quality control and optimized process control are decisive when it comes to competitiveness.

We cover the area from custom solutions, when there is no available solution on the market, to high-end products used by very demanding customers all over the world. Our specialty is particle measurement and surface inspection.


3DPM® – Online 3D particle measurement

User examples:

  • Bed permeability control in for example blast furnaces
  • Crusher control and maintenance
  • Grinding control


3DSI – Online 3D surface inspection systems used in

  • Steel slab shape and size inspection
  • Copper electrolysis process, anodes and cathodes inspection.

Machine Vision


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Machine vision

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Machine vision

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