Particle Measurement

A common goal within process industry is to keep particles such as crushed materials and granulates within certain size ranges, or in other words have control of the Particle Size Distribution (PSD). We are experts within this area and can deliver both a specialised product used on conveyor belts, 3DPM® and do custom solutions.

Particle Measurement

Depending on the process the size distribution can look different but for the sake of example it can be normal distributed with only one peak.

Two normal distributions around 10 [mm]
Two normal distributions around 10 [mm]

The red and blue curve both show the same amount of particles above and below 10 mm (i.e.  they have the same D50). However, a more detailed inspection shows a much smaller variation in the blue curve. It is often this variation that is of importance in the process industry.

To further ensure a stable production additional features might include mass flow, oversized detection, shape analysis or anomaly detection.

Our 3D particle measurement product line (3DPM) is capable of it all! It is installed around the globe enabling customers to optimize for instance their blast furnaces, grinding mills, kilns, sieves, or granular production.

Our 3D particle measurement system (3DPM) is used around the globe to keep track of, take control over, and reshape the PSD within for example:

  • Blast furnaces
  • Grinding mills
  • Crushers
  • Granular production
  • Sieves
  • Rotating kilns
  • Etc.
Examples of measurement positions within mineral and metal
Examples of measurement positions within mineral and metal.


We can also detect:

  • Volume flow (since we always measure in 3D)
  • Oversized objects
  • Anomalies (like rock bolts)
  • Shapes
  • Reflections
  • Etc.


Together with our partner IMV,, we have delivered valuable particle measurement data since 2008 with our product 3DPM®.



Our 3DPM system extracts valuable data such as particle size distribution on the fly from fast moving conveyor belts without disrupting the production. After years of research, in collaboration with Luleå University in Sweden and Innovative Machine Vision in Australia, 3DPM entered the market in 2008. Today we have numerus pleased customers using our system all over the world. The R&D has never stopped, and we believe we still have the best product on the market if you are searching for a reliable particle measurement system for control of your process.