Operational analysis - Prioritize decisions from a helicopter perspective

Optimation's operational analysis is unique. The result is a clear analysis of bottlenecks in existing plant and the steps that must be taken to achieve new production targets. What makes us unique is how we combine process, people and simulation.

Operational analysis

Our idea is simple: operational analysis, where process data and discussions with plant personnel are combined to some up with comprehensive dynamic simulations. By building complete, comprehensive dynamic simulations of entire production facilities, we create a platform on which ideas can be tested virtually and interactively. The entire workflow can be presented in parallel and a multitude of alternatives can be analysed effectively and objectively, which helps to foster understanding and commitment.

This approach is appropriate both for existing plants with new production targets and in early concept development of new facilities where basic dimensioning and requirement specifications have to be produced prior to procurement.

We call our simulation platform OEE Optimizer. Here, we combine data-driven and physically driven simulations in a user-friendly graphical user interface that enables fast and exacting simulations, often more than100,000 x real time. We focus on the production scenario based on plant capacity, energy use and internal and external environmental factors.

Optimation provides complete operational analyses of large, complex production facilities in the process industry. We also offer OEE Optimizer as a stand-alone product.

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