New generation measurement module of 3DPM

A new generation of 3DPM is launched

16 February 2021

To further meet our customers’ needs, we can proudly present our new version of our 3D particle measurement system, 3DPM. The new generation 3DPM makes it possible to measure particles more accurately than ever before. The customer now has more control over result output, communication, and warnings.

“We are really happy to now be able to present valuable data, which previously has been hard to acquire for our customers. First out is Rio Tinto in Australia but for example Eramet in Norway and JFE Steel in Japan also plan to use this new generation of 3DPM very soon. With this upgrade, we can increase our customer base and meet our customers’ requirements in a much better way than before”, says Lars Lindqvist CEO at Optimation Advanced Measurements AB, former MBV Systems AB.

The measurement system

With the latest in laser triangulation hardware, the measurement module of the new generation 3DPM makes it possible to measure particles at higher belt speed, using lower strength lasers, and robustly detect smaller particles than ever before. The new generation has twice the resolution and can collect data up to 5 times faster than the previous generation. Therefore, the customer base can now be expanded to industries processing particles previously too small to be measured robustly.

3DPM is more adjustable than before, where the customer can have more control over result output, communication protocols and warnings for abnormal properties of the material flow.

In addition to the steel and mining industry, 3DPM can easily be used in the cement and lime industry as well as in the energy sector.


Maintenance is made easier with modular housing options offering a variety of heating and cooling options as well as accessories for dust prevention. Tools and methods for quick and straightforward system calibration and spare part replacement, minimizes system downtime.

Remote commissioning

The new system has been developed with remote commissioning in mind, making it possible to remotely get the system up and running following an installation. This enables better support opportunities, lower system costs and faster commissioning lead time for the customer.

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