Automated measurement

Automated measurement3DSI Slab

3DSI Slab is a system for automated measurement of dimensions and shape of large not easily moved objects such as steel slabs.

The system is based on moving a 3D scanner over the slab to collect 3D data. One pass over the slab is enough for accurate measurements. Measurement resolution can be lower than 1 mm depending on the hardware best suited for customer requirements.

Dimensions and shape features are calculated and can be sent via a selection of communication protocols to a pre-existing customer system. Additional features are available upon request.

The system is compliant with CE according to directive 2006/42/EG, Annex 2, Section 1, Part A.

All 3DSI Slab systems are distributed directly by Optimation.

Surface analysis and quality control

Surface analysis and quality control


3DSI Anode and 3DSI Cathode

These are automated systems for surface analysis and quality control in electrolysis factories. The system is based on 3D scanning and can detect crookedness, smoothness as well as other shape related properties.

The system can be delivered in two different versions where one scans one side of a surface to detect irregularities, and the other scans both sides to get additional thickness measures. Results can be sent using a large variety of communication protocols as well as to a web interface for direct viewing and control. Measurements calculated and displayed by the system can be adapted according to customer needs.

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