Simulation & training - Digital twins for development, testing and training.

Why wait for commissioning to run your new or modified process? With Optimation's solutions for process simulation you can validate a design and simulate control at an early stage. Combine this with Optimation's platform for Operator Training to ensure successful commissioning.

Simulation & training


For several years Optimation has developed and refined a platform for building simulators for industrial processes and effectively linking these to control systems.

Visa2Base, a library of ready-made components such as pumps, pipes, valves, heat exchangers, tanks and various media, allows you to build a process model efficiently. Media and components are separated, so that you can use existing components together with your unique medium, or vice versa.

DSHM is Optimation’s communication layer, developed to make connection to control systems efficient and flexible. The communication layer enables direct connection of the system via OPC UA/DA and has close interaction with Visa2Base to be able to utilize the control system’s type circuits when we build a process simulator.



Operator training is one of the most common application areas for simulation. Optimation has been a supplier to Valmet, providing our platform for simulation, which has been used in virtually all of their larger deliveries. Here, Optimation can also offer Valmet’s Training Manager for building full-scale operator stations with training scenarios and instructors. If you are looking for a more lightweight alternative, it is also possible to run web-based training via the Everysim platform, which we have helped to develop in collaboration with Softronic.

We are especially keen on control systems optimization, since it is a key puzzle-piece in plant optimization. Therefore, we offer the possibility to benefit from our consultants’ many years of combined theoretical and practical experience via our Straight to the Point (SttP) training programme. The training involves both theoretical studies and practical assignments, under the guidance of mentors, in tuning control circuits.


Simulation libraries

Visa2 is a suite of object-oriented class-model libraries developed by Optimation for effective modelling of simulators for the process industry.

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Simulation & training

Collaboration with customers ensures better simulators

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Simulation & training

Gameon for simulation at LTU

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Simulation & training

Large-scale modelling of distribution networks

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